Managing the forest without altering the ecological balance is very significant. Conserving the rare species, reserving the crucial flora and fauna are very important factors. Currently, the rainforests are in a very critical state of depleting. The cover is disappearing every year in a disrupted manner. In this article, we are discussing a few facts that we must consider seriously to conserve the vanishing rainforest.

1.     Home for millions of species

Imagine yourself in a homeless situation. How would you feel? , the same is to the millions of species who live in the rainforest. Rainforest is the sources of life to the multitude of vulnerable, endangered, threatened, critically endangered species. More than 70% of Earths plants, animals, and birds live in the rainforest. The disappearing rainforest is causing great damage not just to the species but also to the living world.

2.    There are many more to come

As per the study, only 10% of the species are potentially known to the world. Can you imagine? And to our surprise, the rainforest is a home for 25% of the new species that are yet to come to light. What if the rainforest itself begin to deplete? Of course, all these underprivileged lives also perish along with it. In order to conserve the richness of life and protect them, we have to save the rainforest.

3.    Medicines and treatment

Do you know more than 65% of the plants in rainforest possess medicinal values and are used for treating various diseases like skin allergies, rashes, viral fevers and many more? Just 1% of the plants are discovered with medicinal values? This tells us how significant it is to conserve the rainforest cover.

4.    Water cycle monitor

As we all know that water cycle is the major reason for the life existence in the earth. We also know that plants and trees are the primitive initiators of the water cycle. The very first step in the water cycle is grounding the water; this very process is done by the roots of plants and trees. It is found that in the Amazon forest, more than half of the water that is held up in the ecosystem is through the plants, trees, herbs and shrubs.

5.    It is the source of food

Are you aware of the fact that in the current global condition it is very difficult to predict the same amount of food for our future generation? Almost 70% of the food that we eat comes from the forests. If deforestation continues, then a day comes where there will be nothing to eat. To avoid such circumstances, it is very advisable to protect the rainforest.

6.   Control global warming

The biggest challenge that is haunting every corner of the world is global warming due to climate change. The possible reason behind this crime is deforestation and reducing forest cover. This makes us more alarmed to preserve the forest, trees, plants, animals, birds and everything that is natural.